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More than 60 billion capsules for automated beverage machines are produced each year worldwide.
The sorting of materials and their cleaning, requires high costs and makes them very difficult to recycle.
A large percentage of them will end up in landfills or oceans and will remain there for up to 500 years.

Compostable materials are the most environmentally friendly, and a sustainable solution.

Our capsule is compostable not just in industrial composting plants, but also in home gardens. It was created from a cellulose film derived from wood pulp from sustainably managed trees. This thin, lightweight material dissolves quickly and has virtually no ecological footprint.

Produced using renewable energy sources. In an industrial compost 95.6% of the capsule will decompose in water and CO2 within 2 months.

The new 12GODS compostable capsule enriches the subsoil with beneficial ingredients for soil nutrition. In this way, we have significantly reduced both the carbon emissions and the waste flow associated with our products.

Society, open to challenges!
We want a portion of the profit to be returned to where it all started: in the crop field.

We connect the producers of aromatic and medicinal plants that cultivate with modern methods of organic farming, in a sustainable network of their use, through innovative products.

The scattered points all over the country where these herbs of exceptional value grow, create for us another motivation. Our goal is to create sustainable communities, especially in areas with economic and demographic problems.

We give priority to the remote areas of the country and we actively support the local communities, we believe that in this way, we will make a dynamic contribution to the creation of sustainable development in the remote areas of the country.

We believe in an open society, with access to all, where consumer products should not be an exception.

We present for the first time a food package with Braille writing and we support actions for people with special needs.

Society understands how you manage profits, their reciprocity, why you create an action and the impact it has.

Recognizing the important contribution and the continuous cooperation with the Patras Science Park and the Aroma Innovation Hub, in a move to understand the effort to support institutions that maintain and strengthen the innovation ecosystem, we donate part of our profits to support further teams, through the institution of the Patras Science Park.

Contract Farming

We select Greek producers based on quality and good practices.

We focus our efforts on bringing small scale farmers in contact with modern forms of organic farming, conducting testings and providing the necessary know-how, which will not be limited only to cultivation, but also to conditions for the development or modernization of their business. We want to build a relationship of trust and security with growers, because they are behind the product.

For this purpose, we have secured unique collaborations with the Patras Science Park SA and the Aroma Innovation Hub, in the first step of utilizing the aromatic and medicinal plants of Contract Farming, which:

  • Guarantees, before the purchase of the products, a predetermined price, adjusted according to the market.
  • Carries out inspections and provides know-how to growers
  • In addition to cultivation, it extends to the conditions of development or modernization of their business, in line with the future development plans of 12GODS.
  • Ensures product quality and satisfactory production efficiencies.
  • It leads to the reward of the cultivator’s efforts, with a relationship of trust and security.
  • Through the research center, it supports the development of new products from aromatic and medicinal plants and the evaluation of their properties.

We are therefore aiming at a life cycle of aromatic and medicinal plants, where part of the benefits of production are attributed to where it all begins: in the crop field.

Quality guarantee

We try to offer just the best herbs with fair trade in the world!

Every herbalist knows that not all herbs are grown everywhere. Realizing this, we at 12GODS carry out extensive flavor comparisons and quality controls every time we consider adding a new vendor to our list. If it does not qualify, it will simply not join our supplier network. In addition, we meticulously manage our list of herbs and suppliers and store them in controlled temperatures, “cold” rooms, to maintain maximum freshness.

We choose the raw material of herbs based on quality and organic certification, as we look for initially biologically certified herbs. Next, we choose the best variety. If we find a high quality, certified herb, we will choose this product first. However, according to our experience so far, some herbs are not cultivable in Greece and do not have biological certification. As a result, a scientific team conducts microbiological analyzes and quality tests on our products, according to HACCP food quality assurance standards based on the ISO 22000 standard.

Limiting ourselves only to certified herbs, we choose to offer herbs whose primary origin is in the geographical area of ​​our grower, but this is not always possible. For example, Hibiscus does not come from Rhodes, as the legend says, because there is no hibiscus cultivation in Greece. If possible, we will always choose the traditional origin, but if there is no option available, we will extend the search beyond these limits, without geographical restrictions.

Our facilities are certified according to the HACCP food safety management standard based on ISO 22000.

We believe that if conventional agriculture in the world is replaced by organic methods, the effects of climate change will begin to be reversed. And this is worth supporting!

Biological certification is a voluntary verification label applied to an agricultural product that indicates that the product has been developed and processed through methods that meet the standards of a specific organic program. In many cases, operators create reciprocity between bio-certification systems to promote trade. They seek to adopt agricultural production methods that incorporate cultural, biological and mechanical practices to promote resource recycling, promote ecological balance and preserve biodiversity.

The production of organic herbs encourages the improvement of soil and water quality, the conservation of wetlands, forests and wildlife, the circular economy of on-farm resources, ecological awareness and biodiversity. The production of organic herbs prohibits genetically modified organisms, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Organic farming methods capture large amounts of carbon, while organic farming reduces greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the production and use of synthetic nitrate fertilizers. All of this can help curb climate change.

The 12GODS compostable capsule with zero ecological footprint, is completely biodegradable within 23 weeks in the soil, enriching it with many nutrients.
from an official
The capsules are certified by an official body, for their zero energy footprint. Technical additives are also biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
In the production process, special importance is given to their production in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, with the use of renewable energy sources (wind, sun, hydroelectric energy and biogas).

We strive to build a sustainable future for all.

The environmental benefits of household compostable materials have led us to ensure and then commit that all packaging materials (capsule, filter, boxes, stickers, tapes, boxes) are compostable and biodegradable.

Our packaging boxes are certified FSC Standard for Chain of Custody (FSC CoC) which is a Sustainable Forest Management standard issued by the International Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
The requirements of the standard describe a management system that aims at the effective monitoring of raw materials, in all phases of their processing, ie from the forest to all intermediate stages of production to the delivery of the final product to consumers, ensuring that raw materials are used according to the requirements of standards.

We hope to inspire and sensitize you to discover more about yourself and the beautiful planet we live on.