Differentiation brings change

12GODS creates herbal blends in a fully biodegradable capsule.

Combining scientific innovation with good practices in agricultural production, 12GODS introduces a range of products that follow sustainable practices throughout the production process, while imiting the production time of infusions.

12GODS hopes to make its products identical with well-being, quality and environmental sensitivity.


The first Greek physicians and botanists in history, wanting to give the divine element and the power of transformation that is hidden in the properties of Greek herbs, gave them names of gods and demigods.

12GODS honors this cultural event, and gives names of Gods and demigods to every product it creates, aspiring to reintroduce the natural wealth of Greek herbs in the modern diet and to restore faith in magic and their beneficialness.

Globally, tea is the most widely consumed beverage on the planet, after bottled water. However, the use of a variety of aromatic and medicinal plants extends beyond traditional teas and includes a wider variety, in line with modern wellness trends.


About 6,000 species of herbs grow in Greece. A large percentage of them are endemic and in the majority of them aromatic with healing properties.

Their high quality is due to the Mediterranean climate and the geological morphology of our country. The healing power of Greek herbs has an invaluable legacy, as they are considered to have some of the richest medicinal properties in the world.

The healing properties of herbs, have long been known through ancient times. The Sumerians and Assyrians provide us with the first information about medicinal and aromatic plants.

In ancient Greece, the Minoans and Mycenaeans were the first to use roots, wood, barks, flowers, fruits, seeds, oils and resins from various medicinal plants and herbs that were grown in Greece. In the mountain of the Centaurs, Pelion, about 3,000 herbs have been identified and recorded and according to the legends, the centaur Chiron the healer, son of Kronos, taught the medical art to the god of Medicine Asclepius. Hercules, Achilles and Jason, as well as the descendants of Asclepius, Mahaon and Podaleirios, a surgeon and physician, respectively, studied with him. The two men participated in the siege of Troy as doctors. Then they taught medicine to their students, the so-called Asclepiades, as Homer mentions in the Iliad.

He is followed by Hippocrates (460-370 BC), the founder of medicine, who was described as the greatest physician of his time and who in the 59 books of his Hippocratic collection counts 236 herbal medicines. Theophrastus (372-287 BC) in his work On Plant History lays the foundations of modern botany and is considered the father of botany. Dioskourides (25-90 AD) with his five-volume work On Matter of Medicine, analyzes extensively and systematically 794 medicinal plants and depicts 391 of them, something that made his work invaluable over the centuries.

In the Middle Ages, botany “flourished” in the circles of monks, while with the advent of typography, knowledge escaped from the walls of monasteries. The recipes that had been saved from ancient texts were enriched over the years. In the 16th and 17th centuries many herbalists were published, in order to help those involved in herbal medicine.









AGROTICA / Industry Disruptors-Game Changers - Generation Ag Greece




ELEVATE GREECE - National Startup Registry





GREENATHON - Beyond Green Technologies, FINALS

BEYOND CIRCULARITY - GreenTech Symposium

Athens Chamber of Commerce
Sustainable, Innovative & amp; Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards
Best Start-up of the Year

GreenTech Challenge | by ESU NTUA
Company est. 3/2018
Establishment and formation of the production and distribution premises.
Athens Start-up Awards 6/2018
After three selection phases, we distinguished ourselves in the top 20 among 170 teams from all over Greece.
THEA 10/2018
Part of the THEA incubator of start-ups in the facilities of the first chamber of commerce and industry of Greece which offered consulting support & amp; communication and networking services.
1st Athens Innovation Festival 11/2018
Participation in the 1st Athens Innovation Festival, with the support of THEA Incubator, promoting the product and conducting research.
Detrop - Oenos 3/2019
In the context of the Thessaloniki International Fair and the DIGITAL GREECE action, innovative startups presented solutions and applications for the development of the agri-food sector.
FRESKON: 4/2019
We participated in the Freskon International Exhibition of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, where we had contact with representatives of large foreign supermarket chains, commercial companies and distribution companies, who embraced our idea.
Trophy Challenge 7/2019
We participated in the boot camps of the Trophy Challenge of the Generation Ag Greece program, reaching the semifinals.
84th TIF 9/2019
The corporate identity of 12GODS, as well as the design of the product packaging, were presented to the public in September 2019, in an established celebration of entrepreneurship, innovation and culture, with the support of Digital Greece.
4th Global Agripreneurs Summit - GAS 9/2019
We participated in the 4th Global Agripreneurs Summit (GAS) with the central title "The role of the Farmer in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution - Defining the Future Farmer 4.0".
10th Conference Research Institute of Retail Consumer Goods - RISE Awards 10/2019
We qualified in the top ten of the RISE Awards competition in the category of Retail for sustainable innovations and in October 2019 we presented our business idea to important executives of the Supermarket and FMCG Industry at the 10th Research Institute of Retail Consumer Goods Conference.
We contacted with large 5 and 6 star hotel groups, in Greece and abroad, as well as airline companies.
Conference I.C.B.R. 12/2019
After the invitation from the MACEDONIAN THRACE BREWERY SA, we presented the products of 12GODS at the annual Independent Craft Brewery Roundtable conference in Komotini.
RE-GROWTH 11/2019
Participation as speakers in the event Re-growth: Entrepreneurship, Technology, Startup, co-organized by the Region of Epirus, Startuper magazine and the newspapers TO VIMA and TA NEA, on Entrepreneurship, Technology and Startup.
Participation in the trade show with the support of Industry Disruptors - Game Changers, Generation Ag Greece, where meetings were held with producers of therapeutical and aromatic herbs, in the context of Contract Farming.
EIT FOOD 7/2020
We were distinguished in the finals of the European agri-food competition, among the 7 best startups in Greece.
Trophy Challenge 2020
For the second consecutive year we participated in the Trophy-Food Challenge, reaching the final.
In October 2020, the production process of the products begun.
Registration in the National Start-up Registry, of the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation of the Ministry of Development and Investment.
NBG Business Seeds 6/2021
Participation in NBG Business Seeds, a comprehensive program to support innovative and extroverted entrepreneurship by the National Bank in collaboration with the Athens University of Economics and Business, where we excelled in the top 10.
Participation in the accelerator of the MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) Greece associated with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), in the General Track category. Distinction in the finals.
World Environment Day 6/2021
Participation as speakers in the Event of the Management Body of the Metropolitan Park Antonis Tritsis for the World Environment Day 2021, which took place in co-organization with the Attica Region.
We participated in the 8th ENVOLVE AWARD GREECE entrepreneurship competition where we excelled in the finals.
85th TIF 9/2021
Participation in the 85th THESSALONIKI INTERNATIONAL FAIR, through the ELEVATE GREECE National Startup Registry.
Participation in the competition "Greenathon - Beyond Green Technologies" of the General Secretariat of Natural Environment and Water of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, in collaboration with the Organization of Natural Environment and Climate Change and the support of Elevate Greece & amp; of the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation.
BEYOND CIRCULARITY - GreenTech Symposium 10/2021
Participation in the innovation program "Beyond Circularity" of ETVA INDUSTRY SA, with the aim of highlighting technological and environmental solutions to the challenges faced by the Patras Industrial Area.
Best Start-up of the Year 10/2021
In the context of the Sustainable, Innovative & amp; Entrepreneurial Manager of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, we were awarded as the Best Startup of the Year, in the presence of the President of the Greek Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou.
GreenTech Challenge | by ESU NTUA
Participation in the GreenTech Challenge by ESU NTUA, the largest National Green Innovation Program, where we won the 2nd prize.

Our scientific knowledge combined with perseverance, methodical research and especially faith in our vision for the contribution of the primary sector in the promotion of our history as a cultural product of high added value, led to the creation of innovative products under the name 12GODS.

Both in Greece as well as the rest of the world, there is a plethora of aromatic and medicinal plants rich in beneficial and quality ingredients for the human body.

Our mission is to discover and process them to offer you a series of unique products that aim to provide their beneficial properties to the body, in a simple, easy and smart way, responding to the requirements of the modern way of life.



People make the difference.

Filippos Zebilas
Founder / CEO

Filippos is a graduate of the Faculty of Crop Science of the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), his internship was in the National Garden, managing irrigation resources, while he continued his work at the Presidential Palace.


Since 2006 he has participated in the research and development of agri-food products in corporate schemes. He is possessed by a great passion: to compose a unique and unpredictable mosaic with nature, culture and people of Greece, with research and technology as a structural joint.

Explores all aspects of plants: their properties and characteristics, their beneficial benefits for our body, the possibilities of use in the modern way of life, but also in the depths of history, starting from the myths and symbols and what was hidden behind them.

And he aspires to offer herbs from Greek micro-crops, through modern, more efficient and differentiated products.

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Nikolas Antoniadis

University of Swansea LLB in Law and ΜΒΑ (Institute Universitaire Kurt Bösch, IUKB), Financial and Business Development. Former Bank Executive of Alpha Bank (1998-2019) in the Small Business Banking Division.

Yannis Kouroudis
Brand Manager

Founder of k2design, one of the leading Greek creative offices with numerous awards and distinctions every year. Indicatively, we mention in their projects the Olympic Games of 2004 (Sport Pictogramms & Main Marks, Korres Natural Products) (

Today, K2design employs a team of sixteen specialized insource and outsource partners, providing comprehensive services of branding and design, corporate identity design, as well as product communication in conventional and digital media. Its goal is for the message to be expressed simply, with content and with high aesthetics, but mainly effectively.
Κ2design is one of the most awarded Greek creative agencies, with numerous awards, distinctions and publications both in Greece and abroad.

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George Ganotis
Legal Counsel

Lawyer since 1981 with postgraduate studies at the Université Libre of Brussels and at the London School of Economics. Many years of service at the European Parliament in Brussels (1984 -1990), Secretary General of Co-funded Public Works of the Ministry of Environment, Zoning and Public Works (1996 -2004), Legal Counsel (2010 – 2013) and Executive Board Member (2011- 2012) of OPAP S.A., the Greek National Lottery company.

Konstantinos Macheras
Commercial Advisor

Konstantinos Macheras is one of the most recognized executives in the retail industry for his administrative skills and is currently the president of the Research Institute of Retail Consumer Goods (IELKA), in the creation of which he has contributed significantly.

He studied Business Administration at the University of Piraeus and holds an MBA from Roosevelt University in Chicago, USA, in Business Administration and Marketing. He started his professional career in retail in the USA as a procurement manager at Quality Super Market in Chicago. He was an executive for over 14 years at Mars Inc, since 1982 in the Netherlands (Marketing & Sales), and General Manager in Greece and Italy. He also served as General Manager of Chipita International (1996-97).

He was a member of the Board of Directors of ACEO (Association of Chief Executive Officers), of SEET (Association of Greek Food Companies), member of the Board of Directors of EEDE (Hellenic Society of Business Administration) from 1999-2008.

For his important career, King Albert II of Belgium awarded him the title of Senior Officer of King Leopold II in 2005, while in April 2009 he was named Manager of the Year for 2008 by the Hellenic Society of Business Administration and Retailer of the Year 2009, Retail Manager 2010 and Retail Manager of the decade 2002-2011. He has also been honored with the Leader of the Year Romania 2016 awards and self service Excellence Awards 2016 in Greece.

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Dimitri Iosifides
R&D Manager

Chemist, vice president of Malva SA ( and founding member, president and CEO of Greener than Green Technologies SA (

Malva is a dynamic organization with extensive experience in marketing, distribution and support of analytical instruments & accessories as well as filtering products. Provides 12GODS laboratory services and analysis of its existing and future products. They will jointly develop a hub of agri-food and circular economy, by utilizing the company’s contract farming, making full use of the remnants of agricultural production and industry, developing new products for the company.


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Vasilis Grigoropoulos
Project Management & Sales

Vassilis Grigoropoulos has 20+ years of experience in public affairs – cultural diplomacy / cultural production and arts management, directing, managing, producing and representing major art companies / artists and events in the world cultural world, from New York to Beijing.

Upon his return from his studies in London for eight (8) years, he was the Senior Specialist in Cultural Affairs and Advisor to the US Ambassador, Public Affairs and Cultural Attachment, at the US Embassy in Athens, Greece (Public & Cultural Affairs).

In early 2015, Vassilis founded “visionary culture” turning his vision into reality: to create a leading artistic management & production company.

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Vaggelis Karaiakofoglou
Production Manager

Chemical Engineer, owner of the import company AK EVANGELOS A. KARAIAKOFOGLOU in the field of industrial machinery and sales manager in the wider Middle East in a construction company of industrial machinery of Belgian interests.

He collaborated with Filippos Zebilas in the research, design and implementation of the capsule production machine with a specialized producer of industrial machinery.


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Daniel Karathanasis
IT manager

Graduate in Informatics with previous service in software support, promotion and development (Alpha Securities, DIEKAT SA, AG Financial Network LTD, COMPACT SA).

Lianthi Bakae
Customer service

Fifteen years of experience in organizing trade fairs in the company ROTA SA, in Administrative & Secretarial Support, Project Management, Electronic Database Management, Website Management, Online Office Organization, Interpersonal Telephone Communication & Customer Service.



With the Patras Science Park SA and the Aroma Innovation Hub, we take the first step in researching the beneficial properties of herbs and the use of aromatic and medicinal plants in the global market.

The Patras Science Park of is one of the six Science and Technology Parks established in Greece under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT). The main goal is to provide high quality infrastructure and support in the development of innovative companies in various fields, promoting cooperation between the University, Research Centres and Industry.
Aroma Innovation Hub represents a partnership of companies and academic institutions' laboratories, aimed at encouraging innovation and successful business development. Implements scientific and technological developments in the production line of aromatic and medicinal plants, in an innovative way, in order to create value for shareholders and society.
The National Startup Registry is the official register of start-ups in Greece. It aims to monitor their progress based on specific KPIs, to support them with benefits and advantages while acting as a pole of attraction for investors. Elevate Greece aims to strengthen, develop and extrovert the Greek innovation ecosystem.