World Environment Day 2021, Tritsi Park

World Environment Day 2021, Tritsi Park

The Attica Region in collaboration with the Management Body of the Metropolitan Park “Antonis Tritsis” on the occasion of World Environment Day, organized on June 5 festive activities. In the context of the events, the Attica Regional Governor G. Patoulis announced the official start of the 1.5 km long bioclimatic regeneration works, the waterproofing project of the 5th lake and the canal that runs through the Park.

The event was coordinated by the President of the Management Body S. Zografakis, while interventions were made by representatives of the Circular Economy and Bioeconomy Bodies that supported the event.

Mr. Filippos Zempilas founder and CEO of 12GODS participated as a speaker and referred to how a biodegradable herbal capsule can be a solution to the environmental burden of single serve products.

The events were attended by the Chairman of the Board of the Green Fund S. Stathopoulos, the Deputy Regional Head of the Western Sector of Athens A. Leotsakos, the mayors, Ilios N. Zenetos and Agioi Anargyroi Kamateros S. Tsirbas, the Executive Director of the United Nations Ecumenical Pact P. Simbronou and Hellenic Rational R. Trigou, Ch. Alexandratos Mandated Regional Councilor and Vice President of the Management Body, Andrianna Zisimatou-Kalomiris Secretary of the Management Body, her Deputy and member of the Board. G. Georgakopoulos, the Authorized Regional Councilor and Member of the Board. of the Body M. Angelopoulos, the President of the Municipal Council of Ilio G. Charalambopoulos, the deputy mayors, A. Tsimogiannis, D. Vassilopoulos, G. Ferentinos, P. Milionis, G. Fraggakis, as well as representatives of Bodies and organizations that are active in issues of Environmental Protection.