National Startup Registry – ELEVATE GREECE

National Startup Registry – ELEVATE GREECE

In November 2020, the National Startup Registry ELEVATE GREECE was officially presented, which aspires to map the landscape of Startup entrepreneurship in our country.

The aim of the Registry Elevate Greece, is the monitoring, statistical and qualitative analysis of the specific field of entrepreneurship, and its subsequent utilization for the implementation of policies aimed at providing incentives and facilities to start-ups.

As stated by the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment, Christos Dimas: “Elevate Greece will bring together the whole innovation ecosystem, giving the state a valuable tool to be able to give benefits to start-ups, whether they are tax, subsidy or covering salary costs”.

What are the evaluation criteria?

The object of the Evaluation and Supervision Committee of the National Register of Start-ups is to check and verify that the candidate company meets the two main evaluation criteria:

1. Innovation:

The term “Innovation” is defined by the following characteristics:

To have technological innovation in the product / service and / or to have an innovative business model in recent (new) technology.
There should be a very limited number of competitors of respective start-ups or very few large companies in the sector. It is clarified that herein, the term “competitors” refers to companies that offer solutions with similar advantages and not generally those that target the same market.
Innovative are also the enterprises whose main activity is research in order to produce intellectual property with prospects of commercial exploitation.

2. Prospects for Rapid Scaling of Global Sales (Scalability):

It is assessed whether the business model and / or technology allow the rapid escalation of the size of sales in the global market. The main product / service of the company must be standardized, (or standardizable), and should not consist of providing consulting / design services, nor should it concern custom construction.
In the case of “knowledge-intensive businesses”, the business model may be based on the sale or exploitation of intellectual property in general.

12GODS joined the National Register of Start-ups in December 2020.